Map out your favourite films

From fiction to reality: discover the locations of blockbuster movies

Ever wanted to travel Around the World in 80 Days? If reviving the 1956 Oscar winning film doesn’t fit your schedule, our film inspired map helps you test your movie trivia and unleash your globe-trotting attitude. Pack up your favourite scenes and discover the legendary, unusual or unexpected locations of the most iconic films ever made.

We at Musement have selected a catalogue of blockbusters to inspire your wanderlust and challenge your film knowledge.

From adventure to comedy, from drama to musicals, we have included Oscar winners from the 1950s to the present day, the best actor/actress as well as 5 top box office hits from the last 30 years. Can you guess where mystery and romance unfolds from the big screen to the real world? Say “Action” and give it a try!

Where was Jurassic Park filmed? Does the setting of Hogwarts really exist? Look for the New Zealand of Bilbo Baggins’ adventures or remember the suspense pervading Michael Corleone's New York. Our map is the perfect compass for your inner film fanatic!

We update it regularly so that we can take into account all of the new hits and the latest Oscar winners.

Want to tell us about your favourite location? Join the cinema-trotters crew and tell us what film you would like to pin on the map next!

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Now that you have set your sights across our film map, why not broaden your horizons and book your next trip to revisit the magic of your all-time favourite film?

Whether that be the iconic Oscar winning The Godfather in New York or the gripping box office hit Ben Hur based in Rome, Italy.

Whichever film inspires your next adventure, why not take a look at our tours around the world to fulfil your every film fantasy with Musement.