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Travel for a cause
Cameroon Ecolodge: Make Chocolate & Discover Life in the Forest
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  • Spend a night at an ecolodge in the heart of the forest and help create job opportunities for local youth..Discover the sweet process of chocolate making in a delicious chocolate workshop..Enjoy an early morning boat ride and wake up to the sounds of nature.
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Unwind and discover the beauty of Cameroon with a stay at Oveng Lodge! Nestled in the heart of the equatorial forest, this ecolodge is a peaceful place to relax and recharge. Fireflies will be your evening lights and the sounds of the forest will be your lullaby. Unique and authentic activities await you on site.Day 1 Between naps on the hammock, discover how to make your own chocolate bar in a hands-on cacao workshop. Dive deep into the delicious process, from roasting cacao beans to extracting cacao oil to transforming the beans into an organic chocolate spread. Celebrate a job well done with a tasting and hot chocolate.Day 2In the early morning, take a 45-minute pirogue ride and wake up gently to the sounds of the forest and its animals. Before leaving the ecolodge, be sure to have some traditional palm wine, called “matango” by locals. This alcoholic drink is 100% natural and a perfect ending to a beautiful day.
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