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New Delhi Discovery Tour: Experience the Daily Life of Sanjay Colony
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  • Take an eye-opening walking tour of New Delhi's Sanjay Colony while supporting quality education programs offered by the organization sister NGO Reality Gives..Visit local sites like the Hindu Temple and see how the clothes recycling and manufacturing industry works in Sanjay Colony..Gain insight into everyday life in Sanjay Colony.
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Sanjay Colony is a small underserved community built on 25 acres of land located in the south of Delhi near the Bahai Lotus Temple and Iskcon Temple. Spend a couple of hours walking around and visiting small businesses, a small temple, a mosque, and residential areas. Gain insight into daily life here and witness how Sanjay Colony, despite the challenging living conditions, remains an area charged with positive energy and a strong community. By the end of the tour, you will understand how Reality Tours & Travel's partner organization Reality Gives is working to support the local community by offering high-quality education to the underprivileged community of Sanjay Colony.Please note: There is a no-photography policy for this tour and cameras are not allowed. This policy helps ensure that tours are conducted respectfully and that a strong relationship with the community is maintained.
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