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Food & winery tours
Gourmet food and wine experience at Tenuta Saiano Farm near Rimini
Disponibilidade: Daily
duração: 2 hours
Idiomas: English, Italian
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  • Visit a real farm
  • Taste authentic and excellent food
  • Enjoy great wines
  • Be delighted by the gorgeous landscape
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Tenuta Saiano means healthy living. It is located just 10 minutes away from San Marino, 35 minutes from Rimini, and 1 hour from Bologna. In this 60-hectare green oasis, 11 hectares are dedicated to vineyards. Tenuta Saiano promotes sustainable agriculture and livestock husbandry by following eco-sustainability standards. Its wine production process uses biological farming techniques and the work begins even before harvesting, with a meticulous grape-selection process and constant monitoring of the entire production activity. The grapes are harvested by hand, the vineyards are plentiful, and the geological conformation of this area, originally clayey badlands, is characterized by sedimentary soils.
Thanks to the composition of the soil, the wines have a rich and fruity aroma, with a good, constantly evolving degree of freshness.

Tenuta Saiano offers several food and wine experiences

  • Morning/afternoon snack
    Farm tour where you'll also visit the vineyards and livestock
    Tasting of cold meats and appetizers (frittata with local eggs, focaccia and bread cooked in a wood-burning oven, ciambella romagnola), water, and a glass of wine
  • Wine/Vermouth tasting
    Farm tour where you'll also visit the vineyards and livestock
    Buffet of cold cuts and appetizers (platter of cold cuts and traditional cheeses, frittata with local eggs, focaccia and bread cooked in a wood-burning oven, stuffed piadina, ciambella romagnola), water, and two glasses of wine or a glass of Vermouth per person
  • Lunch in the estate
    Farm tour where you'll also visit the vineyards and livestock
    Four-course lunch at the resort
    Platter of Tenuta Saiano cold cuts and traditional cheeses
    Tagliatelle with seasonal vegetables
    Pan-cooked cockerel
    Finger pastries
    Water, two glasses of wine for tasting, and coffee
  • Cooking class
    Farm tour where you'll also visit the vineyards and livestock
    Fresh pasta class by chef Fabio Drud
    Afterwards, aperitif in the shop, lunch with pasta made by the participants, and a second matching course
    Water, two glasses of wine for tasting and coffee are included

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O que está incluído
  • Farm, vineyards and winery tour
  • Tastings
O que não está incluído
  • Transportation
Via Casone, 35, 47825 Poggio Torriana RN, Italy
O que lembrar

The wine production is rapresented by:


This wine is born from a Romagna varietal of large Sangiovese grapes, which strongly characterize the identity of this area.
It is a living expression of Romagna Sangiovese from Rimini, which is born in the chalky soil of Torriana.


Saiano is a view across their vineyards. It represents a happy blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Sangiovese.
It balances the austerity and tanginess of Sangiovese as easily as these lands move from rocky cliffs to woods and from woods to vineyards.


Rosanita is a tribute to Anita Garibaldi who passed through the hills of Montebello, where their vineyards stand today.
It is born from Sangiovese grapes that – after a short period of soft soft pressing – are made into white wine to then go through a longer, secondary fermentation in the spring.


Montebello is our Sangiovese Superiore Riserva Doc 2013. The wine is born from a Romagna varietal grapes - 100% Sangiovese. The fruit is lively and elegant . Montebello has a long maceration of the skin and refinement for twelve months in big casks, followed by aging in the bottle for six months. It has a generous soul that expands in altitude. Well suited with rich main courses and meat dishes

Clementino Dry Vermouth

Clementino Dry Vermouth is natural white wine aromatised with an infusion of aromatic herbs, essential oils and more than thirty spices coming from all over the world.
It reminds of the ancient cocktails from 19th century in Italy.

Demos Red Vermouth

Red Vermouth, the old fashion cocktail. We conceive it as the idea of a liquid time, densed in the memories closed in an old drawer.
It is composed by: red wine Saiano Montebello, sugar, alcohol, absinthe and organic oranges.

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Morning or afternoon snack
10 am - 4 am

Wine and vermouth tasting
10 am - 2 pm - 4 pm

Cooking class
10 am

12:30 pm

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Tenuta Saiano
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