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Amazon Rainforest Tour: The Merging of Rivers and Cultures

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  • Navigate through Amazon rivers and learn about local cuisines while helping to support community infrastructure..Float along a confluence of Amazon rivers..Learn how to harvest honey and breed fish from village natives.
There is a point, almost on the borderline between the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Parà, where three rivers named Arapiuns, Tapajós and Amazonas connect. Not only do fresh waters meet here, but also different civilizations, cultures, landscapes and ecosystems. Forest and beach destinations are bound together. It is the perfect destination for anybody with a desire to discover the Amazon. Spend 3 days following local paths in the forest and flowing on river waters by boat. Get your nightly rest on hammocks as Amazonian people do! Together with members of local villages and reserves, Reserva Extrativista Tapajós-Arapiuns, Comunidades de Anã, Atodi, Arimum, Urucurea, Santarém, Alter do Chão, learn about their native foods and culinary arts, honey-making and fish-breeding, and watch artisans make small objects with natural fibers obtained from forest trees and fruits. Experience the daily lives of these riverside communities, enjoy a tour by canoe and take a refreshing bath in fresh water.
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