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Travel for a cause
Mitzpe Ramon Alternative Tour: Stories of Homeless Youth
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  • Take a tour of the Shanti House and help support efforts to provide basic necessities for the local children..Share a cookie and tea with volunteers and discuss the various programs of the association..Learn about the issues facing homeless boys and girls in the desert of Israel.
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Members of the Shanti House will welcome you to the community and prepare a short video describing the home and the Shanti House mission and system. The goal of the programs is to return these young men and women to normative, comfortable lives. Enjoy a short tour of the house. Homelessness, particularly among children, has became a problem, both for Israel and for the world as a whole, so with this tour you can begin to understand this issue. Learn the successes and challenges for the organization and meet some of the graduates of the Shanti House who often return to say hello. Enjoy some cookies and a hot or cold drink as you listen to the stories and learn the history of the Shanti House.
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