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Helicopter & balloon rides

Tuscany From On High - Balloon Flight Experience near Siena

Disponibilités: Selected days
Durée: 3 hours, 30 minutes
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Points forts
  • Enjoy the magic of a sunrise seen from a hot air balloon
  • A privileged point of view over the gorgeous land around Siena
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See Tuscany from above, traveling 500m in the air aboard a hot air balloon, and experience the magic flight of a lifetime. The balloon moves like a large silent sailboat, moving with the wind and giving you a sense of liberation as well as a 360-degree view of the skies. If you dare to look down, you'll see the streets, rivers, and roads of the beautiful Tuscan landscape move past, more beautiful than any painter's vision.

You can fly in every season. Take off in the early morning, just after sunrise, and enjoy the scenery from on high, when the villages around you are still asleep. Meet your fellow participants at the meeting point. The pilot will check you in at the meeting point, then he will determine the direction and the strength of the wind and establish a take off point, that is usually within 4-5 km from where you are. Get on a jeep to reach the take off point, where you will see the crew preparing for take off, mounting and inflating the balloon. You will also be given a safety instructions leaflet.

The flight is usually 40-60 minutes long, but please allow around 3.5 hours for the whole experience (it includes the check-in and take off preparation operations, a toast at the end of the flight, and check-out and landing operations). You can't determine the exact route of the balloon because the pilot can't change the direction, but only follow the wind direction. he can raise or lower the hot air balloon by controlling the temperature inside the balloon. You will reach 500 m high (1500 ft), but also fly as high as the top of the trees. You can't predict the exact point of landing! It can be some green grass or a corn field! This is why every flight is unique and it is worth sharing with your friends or family. Finish off your experience with a special breakfast with the other participants, before coming back with a jeep.

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  • A hot air balloon flight of about 60 minutes
  • A lovely breakfast after landing
  • A certificate for "First flight" signed by the pilot
  • Transportation with jeeps from the meeting point to the take-off point
  • Aeronautics insurance provided for by law
Non inclus
  • Everything not mentioned in the "Included" field
  • Transportation to/from the meeting point not included
Tarif réduit

This experience is not suitable for children under 8.

Children (8-11): reduced

Via di Fontanella, 7-8, 53100 Siena SI, Italy
Lieu de rendez-vous:

Approximate Meeting Point: Porta Tufi Parking

Please note that the meeting point depends on the fly zone. The exact location will be communicated by email before the flight. To respect the other participants and for safety reasons you must be at the meeting point on time. Guests arriving late lose the right to fly and won't be refunded.

Bon à savoir

With the Exclusive Flight for 2, you can fly in a day of your choice.

You must always call to reserve your flight and check confirmation of flight and meeting & departure time.

Tickets are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Prices are per person.

The hot air balloon experience is not recommended to:

  • pregnant women
  • people with injuries, who had operations that limit their walking abilities or suffering from osteoporosis
  • people not able to keep the support position during landing (flexed knees while you hold on to the handles provided)
  • people under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • children under the age of 8

Children can only participate in the flight if they are at least 8 years old and 130 cm tall. Kids under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult. Kids between 16 and 18 years can only fly with a parent's authorization.

It is recommended to wear according to the current weather conditions on the ground. Multiple layers of natural fabrics clothing are recommended. The hot air balloon flies in the wind so you won't feel the wind like in the other means of transport. You must wear boots or shoes (preferably rain boots), but sneakers are also allowed. High heel shoes, slippers and sandals are not allowed. In summer it is recommended to bring a hat to protect yourself against the heat coming from the balloon burner.

Approximate time of meeting and take off

Take-off: 8.30 AM
Meeting: 7.30 AM

Take-off: 8.00 AM
Meeting: 7.00 AM

Take-off: 7.00 AM
Meeting: 6.00 AM

Take-off: 6.45 AM
Meeting: 5.45 AM

Take-off: 6.30 AM
Meeting: 5.30 AM

Take-off: 6.30 AM
Meeting: 5.30 AM

Take-off: 6.30 AM
Meeting: 5.30 AM

Take-off: 7.00 AM
Meeting: 6.00 AM

Take-off: 7.45 AM
Meeting: 6.45 AM

Take-off: 8.00 AM
Meeting: 7.00 AM

Take-off: 8.30 AM
Meeting: 7.30 AM

Take-off: 8.30 AM
Meeting: 7.30 AM

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You must always call to reserve your flight and check confirmation of flight and meeting & departure time.

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Milano Mongolfiere
Frais de service
Bonne nouvelle! Aucun frais supplémentaire n'est appliqué à cette réservation.
Conditions d'annulation
Receive a 100 % refund if you cancel up to 1 day before the activity begins.

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