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Mapuche Discovery Tour: Community Art and Traditional Culture

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  • Visit and learn about the Mapuche people of Araucania while supporting local women's programs and the fair trade production of crafts..Meet skilled artisans and see how Mapuche textiles and pottery are ethically, sustainably produced..Visit a traditional Ruka hut and enjoy a locally grown organic meal with a family.
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Visit and learn from the Mapuche people, the largest indigenous group in Southern Chile. Customize your tour to include the activities that interest you most, while getting off the beaten path, and supporting the socioeconomic development of the people you meet. Activities include: Learn about traditional Mapuche textiles being produced according to fair trade criteria. See a demonstration of the process from a master weaver, who will create the distinctive, exotic Mapuche patterns before your eyes with a spindle, plant-dyed fabrics, and a ‘Witral' loom. Immerse yourself in the culture and daily life of the Mapuche people as you learn about their culture, religious beliefs, customs and ceremonies. Visit a ‘Ruka', a traditional straw hut with a unique cone shape. Get a taste of Mapuche culture as you share meals made of recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, with local and organic produce grown by a rural family. Make pottery with a skilled artisan in the Mapuche tradition, and visit the Regional Museum to see the original, ancient pottery.
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