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Adrenaline rush
Turin "House of Enigmas" escape room
Disponibilità: Every day
Durata: an hour
Lingua: English, Italian
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Cosa farai
  • Escape and return to real life before time runs out!
  • Put yourself to test with logic, intuition and team spirit
  • Experience the adrenaline and excitement of a real-time adventure
  • Discover the secret of the room
Cosa aspettarsi

Looking for a new experience, a special, unique and adrenaline-filled activity? Discover La Casa degli Enigmi (The House of Enigmas) in Turin and choose the room that most intrigues you! Put together a group of 2 to 6 friends, family or colleagues and work together to solve the enigmas and secrets of the room before it's too late...

These are the rooms to choose from:

  • 'Once upon a time' You find yourself in an era and place you have no memory of. Yet something looks familiar... Suddenly you realize that you are imprisoned in the den of the white rabbit. The white rabbit dictates the rules. Abandon all your dogmas and tackle all challenges with an adventurous spirit. Time will run inexorably, and you will only have 60 minutes to get back to real life.
  • 'The Secret of the Templars' You have received instructions to unveil a secret that has been buried for centuries... It could involve the Holy Grail, the cup endowed with mystical-magical powers. The Templars are chasing you... You are willing to do anything, and you only have 60 minutes left to make sure that it doesn't end up in the wrong hands...
  • The Killer Doll Based on actual events. 'They have been created in human form, without life, without a soul, and empty inside... Dolls are the perfect vehicle for demonic possession.' You were right to be afraid of the dark. Nobody is safe in the dark. The Killer Doll wants to play with you... 60 minutes will never have seemed so long.
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Cosa è incluso
  • Welcome and brief initial instructions
  • 1 hour at your disposal to escape from the room

Via Ormea, 21 Bis/C, 10125 Torino

Punto d'incontro:

Present your voucher at the entrance to the House of the Enigmas

Da ricordare
  • A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people may enter the room
  • Minors may participate, but the presence of at least one adult in the room is required
  • The cost is €60 (total), for up to 4 players. Up to 6 people may enter. After 4 members in a group, each additional person pays €10 from Friday to Sunday (including holidays and days before holidays), while on the other days of the week, they enter for free.
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  • The House of Enigmas is open every day from 3.00pm 10 1.00am
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La Casa degli Enigmi
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