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Walking tours
Utila Educational Tour: Interact with Spiny Tailed Iguanas
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  • Visit an iguana breeding station in Utila and help save this endangered species..Learn about Fundación Islas de la Bahía's efforts to breed and release over 200 hatchlings a year..Spend an afternoon feeding Utila iguanas and supporting the conservation of the species as well as its mangrove habitat, both endangered and of high ecological significance.
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Visit our breeding facility and learn all about the spiny tailed iguana and its rich scientific significance. Let our knowledgeable guides teach you about the biology and habitat of this critically endangered species found only on the island of Utila. See spiny tailed iguanas at all stages of life, from hatchlings to fully grown adults, and even have the opportunity to feed them crabs, one of our most interactive and exciting activities!
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