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Game of Thrones Winterfell Tour from Belfast

Доступность: Every day
Продолжительность: 9 часов
Язык: Английский
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Выбор покупателей
  • Get to meet the Direwolf pups seen in the show
  • See over 10 locations from Series 1-7 including the set used as Winterfell Castle
  • Be led by a tour guide who has appeared in the show itself
  • An immersive experience complete with cloaks, replica weapons and flying Stark flags

Join other fans of the show on this Winterfell Game of Thrones Tour which visits iconic locations located south of Belfast from Season 1 to 7. You will be travelling with a guide who has appeared in the show so we have the insider knowledge other companies can only dream of.

King Robb’s Camp
Inch Abbey is a large 12th century ruined monastic site an example of early Gothic architecture. ‘King in the North’: Following the news of Eddard Stark’s death, the North decided to bend the knee to their own Northern King. This is the ruin where King Robb ‘The young wolf’ was crowned ‘The King in the North’. This is a picturesque place to visit on the first part of the tour.

Tollymore Forest
The next stop will be Tollymore forest park – Ireland’s oldest pine forest – to see the very place where the Direwolf pups were discovered, and where the White Walker ambush took place. This stunning woodland in the heart of the ancient ‘Kingdom of Mourne’ is most famous for the place the Starks first found their Direwolf pups. Other scenes include the mysterious Wildling massacre by the White Walkers from episode 1. You’ll also see Jon and Tyrion’s tree, where they discuss life at the Wall. Make sure you bring good shoes as this section of the tour contains a 3km walk through the forest.

Lunch (not included in tour price) will be taken at a traditional Irish pub with quality, good value, Irish themed food (Costs approx £10).

Meet the Direwolves
As this is no ordinary tour you will get to meet the dogs Odin and Thor who played the Starks’ Direwolf pups. This will make your friends very jealous!

Winterfell – Castle Ward Estate
Castle Ward estate is an 18th century mansion, noted for its unique architecture and its historic farmyard and for having been used as the location of Winterfell. You’ll see the gateway to Winterfell’s court yard, plus over 10 Game of Thrones filming locations portraying Westeros from the Riverlands to battle fields and more. Memorable scenes include Jamie and Briene of Tarth leaving Rob’s camp on their way to Kings Landing. You’ll see the notorious Twins home of Lord Walder Frey, Tyrion and Bron’s first meeting after their trial in The Eyrie. Even the Tree under which King Rob Stark and Tulisa spoke their wedding vows.

It’s time to escape back to your own world, before any more chance of harm befalls you.

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  • Please note: Children under 13 years of age are not permitted on this tour

Outside Visit Belfast Tourist Office, 9 Donegall Square, Belfast, BT1 5GJ

Место встречи:

Opposite Belfast City Hall

Важно помнить
  • Please note that this Winterfell Game of Thrones Tour is not wheelchair accessible
  • Please arrive at least 15mins before departure time for check-in
  • The tour will end at the Visit Belfast Tour Office
  • This tour is independently operated by Brit Movie Tours. It is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with Game of Thrones’
  • Children under 13 years of age are not permitted on this tour
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  • Saturdays at 9.00am (January – December 2019)
  • Wednesday and Sunday at 9.00am (March – September 2019)
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9.00am (June – August 2019)
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