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Colombia Educational Tour: Sustainable Farming

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  • Attend six fun-filled educational sessions and help support environmental education in an agrarian community..Interact with piglets, calves, and other adorable farm animals..Learn how to harvest vegetables and tend for your very own organic garden.
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Spend an entire day at a picturesque Colombian farm in this extensive tour and participate in six enjoyable educational experiences! Each experience takes place at a different station, and lasts approximately 30-40 minutes, with 20-30 minutes of walking time in between:- Chicken Sheds: See firsthand how farmers collect eggs from hens, carefully select them, and then sort them based on weight and size. - Sheep Pastures: Walk among a gentle herd of sheep, grab a pair of shears, and learn everything you'd ever wanted to know about how fleece is made.- Cattle Range: Play with an adorable week-old calf, then witness the milking process demonstrated with an adult cow.- Pig Den: Hold and cuddle a litter of adorable piglets before watching them amusingly roll around the mud with other pigs.- Crop Fields: Step onto acres of pristine farmland and gain a deep understanding of traditional agriculture. Then, harvest broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and a whole variety of other classic vegetables.- Planting Kits: Finish off by receiving a kit of seeds and learning how to plant, cultivate, and care for your very own home organic garden.By the end of the tour, not only will you have had a day of fun, but you will also grasp the importance of sustainable farming for the environment and local economy of a developing region. This isn't just any old farm trip - it's an extremely special opportunity for both an international community engagement opportunity and a family-friendly retreat, so don't miss out!
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