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São Paulo Nature Tour: Explore the Biodiversity Research Institute
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  • Visit the Biodiversity Research Institute and help support their conservation efforts and research..Discover the wealth of flora and fauna in the Atlantic Forest, one of the most important eco-regions in the world..View bioluminescent mushrooms and fluorescent rocks and learn about what causes this fascinating phenomenon.
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Spend an afternoon exploring the Biodiversity Research Institute (IPBio) in Betary Reserve at your own pace. A 60-hectare preservation area, IPBio holds the largest remaining region of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil! Learn about IPBio's environmental research and programs while discovering this region's incredible biodiversity. Visit the aquarium and see native fish, turtles, and exotic species. Explore the various biomes of the greenhouse, home to 40 species of bromeliad plants and many lizards and frogs. Later, step outside and immerse yourself in this beautiful environment as you walk beside the river along series of trails. Then, discover the phenomenon of bioluminescence! IPBio is located in the region with the highest concentration of bioluminescent mushrooms in the world. Gain insight into what causes this unique trait and see a range of fluorescent, phosphorescent, and bioluminescent rocks and fungi on display. Conclude your visit with a trip to the vivarium, where you can see and learn about tarantulas, insects, deer, scorpion, and cobras.Please note, this is a non-guided tour in which visitors can explore IPBio at their own pace.
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