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Hoi An Cooking Class: Uncover Vietnamese Secrets in Vegan Recipes

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  • Participate in a unique vegan culinary experience in Vietnam and help nurture a healthy lifestyle for rural at-risk families..Spend time with vegan chefs while learning to cook Vietnamese, Indian, and international cuisines..Cook and enjoy delicious vegan Vietnamese dishes.
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THIS IS IT - Your best opportunity to learn Vietnamese secrets for living a healthy vegan lifestyle! With Karma Waters Vegan Cooking Classes, you will gain plenty of knowledge and culinary experience from expert vegan chefs who can teach you how to cook Vietnamese, Indian, and international cuisines.The Karma Waters philosophy is to promote and provide a healthy organic vegan diet, which significantly reduces your pollution footprint, as a major personal step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle! In fact, they have successfully influenced some of their non-vegan customers to convert to veganism.In this cooking class, there are no hidden ingredients or methods; the only "secret" is to put love into everything you do! To participate, you will first choose vegan dishes you'd like to prepare. Karma Waters' specialties are Pho noodles soup, spicy vegetables with rice crackers, Hoi An Cao Lau noodles, turmeric pancake spring rolls, and raw summer rolls. Next, you will work alongside your teacher and learn how to cook your meal. Finally, you will savor the flavor of your own creation as you sit down at Karma Waters Restaurant and indulge in your special vegan meal!
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