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Food & winery tours

Sampling of Friulian wines with San Daniele prosciutto at the Russiz Villa

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Доступность: Monday - Saturday
Продолжительность: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Язык: English, Italian, German
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  • Visit the historic Russiz Villa
  • Discover traditional Friulian wines
  • Sample the "De La Tour" wines
  • Taste the famous San Daniele prosciutto and Montasio cheese

In 1869, the French Count Theodore La Tour and the Austrian Coutness Elvine Ritter von Zahony, gave life to the Russiz Villa: a magnificent cellar, partly underground - the home to his offices and the beautiful Mausoleum that stands in the vineyard. A perfect combination of farm, represending the essence of the Collio region and its production of top wines and the group home that remains loyal to its mission to help children in difficulty.

The wine produced at Russiz Villa has won notable awards and recognition and comes from a rich story tied to the evolution of Collio, begun about 35 years ago when the potential of the territory was discovered. In the last 10 years, there has been an additional push that has promoted this region as one of great value in the international wine-making scene.

The wines express perfectly the land of Collio, a region particuarly favorable to maximizing the characteristics of white wine. With the white wines, you will find a characteristic freshness in their perfume, richness, complexity and balance of flavor.

Guided tour

This tour takes place at the historical cellar dating back to 1869, home to the barrells stored completely underground. In addition, you will tour the castle, offices and the beautiful outdoor mosuleum, perched atop a hill, surrounded by picturesque vineyards, through which you can take a leisurely stroll. Explore, as well, the centuries old park next to the castle. Afterwards, relax and enjoy a tasting of fine wines in the beautiful stone-built wine bar, Cantina Dominiale.


  • Sampling of 3 wines with pairing of homemade breads
  • Sampling of 3 wines with pairing of homemade breads and prosciutto S. Daniele and Montasio cheese

2015 white wines and 2013 red wines. Older wines will be served for the "De La Tour" selection. Wines are paired with prosciutto S. Daniele, Montasio cheese and fresh homemade breads.

Please note: this tour requires a minimum of two participants. For groups larger than 15 people, the tour is also offered in German.

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  • Private guided tour of the facilities
  • Private tasting
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  • Transportation (available upon request)
  • Lunch/dinner
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  • Children 5 and under: free
  • Children 6-18 years of age: reduced
Via Russiz, 4-6, 34070 Capriva del Friuli GO, Італія
Место встречи:

Fondazione Villa Russiz, Via Russiz n. 4/6, 34070 Capriva del Friuli (Gorizia, Friuli Venezia Giulia)

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  • This tour requires a minimum of two participants
  • For groups over 15 people, the tour is offered also in German
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  • 10.30am
  • 3.30pm
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