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Cusco Discovery Tour: Traditional Quechua Medicines & Culture

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  • Explore traditional Andean medicinal practices while supporting the preservation of Quechua culture..Prepare your own medicinal plant ointment after learning all the tricks in a workshop..Enjoy a delicious traditional meal with a local family.
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Take a day trip to the rural community of Chacan and learn more about "allin kawsay," the Quechua way of life, in the Andean Mountains. This trip is designed for those interested in traditional medicine and the traditional healing knowledge of Quechua culture.08:00 From your hotel, take a private bus ride to the peasant community of Chacán.09:00 Upon your arrival, you will be received by the representatives of the Ñusta Encantada association. There will also be a welcome ceremony on behalf of the community.09:30 Explore the botanical areas in the community and its surroundings with your guide leading the way. Here, the community members will also talk to you about the medicinal plants that are found in the area and their different uses.12:00 Feast on a lunch inside a family home and taste the delicious food typical to the area. You can also get a taste of medicinal plants prepared by the locals.01:30 Visit a house of a "Hampiqruna" (healer) to see the process of making Andean medicinal mixes.02:00 Attend a workshop about the preparation of ointments, dyes, syrups, and infusions of medicinal plants. Here, you can also prepare an ointment using your own hands, which you can take as a souvenir.03:00 Ride again on the private bus and head back to Cusco, where you will arrive at around 17:10.Please note: small groups (1-2 travelers) will be accommodated by public transport instead of private transport.
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