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Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet tickets & tours

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Shopping experience at Bataviastad Fashion Outlet with private transportation

Shopping experience at Bataviastad Fashion Outlet with private transportation

Experience private pick-up and drop off service from your hotel in Amsterdam and shop for 4 hours at the Bataviastad Fashion Outlet.

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The inside story

Those looking to indulge in some retail therapy while in the Netherlands will find just what they’re looking for at Batavia Stad. Batavia Stad is an open-air fashion outlet in Lelystad located just outside of Amsterdam. The shopping centre features over 150 designer stores offering the latest fashion trends from international brands at discounted prices.

Batavia Stad has the unique distinction of being the Netherlands’ first-ever fashion outlet centre. The complex is designed like a quaint small town with picturesque buildings and streets so that you can shop in style.

In addition to its ample selection of shops, Batavia Stad is also home to Batavialand, an interactive museum detailing Flevoland's unique history and relationship with water. And whenever you feel the need to refuel, you’ll find tons of cute restaurants and cafés to choose from.

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How to get there

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet Bataviaplein 60, 8242 PN Lelystad, Netherlands Lelystad