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Archaeological tours

2-day ticket for the Archaeological sites of the Phlegraean Fields

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Availability: Everyday
Duration: 2 days
Printed ticket only
Do this because
  • Take advantage of this combined ticket for 4 different sites with 2-day validity
  • Explore the Flavian amphitheater in Pozzuoli
  • Entrance to the archeological museum
  • See the excavation sites of Baia and Cumae
What to expect

Enjoy access to four great archeological sites over two days with just one ticket, including the Archaeological Museum of the Phlegrean Fields in Baia, the Serapis and Flavian amphitheater in Pozzuoli, and the excavation sites of Cumae and Baia.

Baiae was long considered a privileged area by aristocratic ancient Roman families. One of the most famous residences is the Spanish Castle, now home to the archaeological museum of the Phlegraen Fields. Here, you can see extraordinary documents from Baia, Miseno, and Bacoli. Among the works of art, you’ll find the Sacello degli Augustali of Miseno and the sculptures of Ninfeo di Punta Epitaffio, found during underwater archaeological excavations.

You can also admire the collection of hundreds of casts of sculptures and decorative works, referred to as the Gessi di Baia (chalks of Baia) – all based on classical Greek forms dating back to the first and second centuries AD.

The third largest Roman amphitheater after Rome and Capua, the Flavian amphitheater is a magnificent example of Roman engineering. It was located at a crossroads between Naples, Capua and Cumae and could host up to 40, 000 people. During your visit, be sure not to miss an exploration of the labyrinthine and well-preserved subterranean complex.

Tickets are valid until 31 December and are valid for two days from the first use.

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What's included
  • The cumulative ticket (valid for 2 days) allows you to access the 4 sites of the archaeological complex of the Phlegraean Fields:- the Archaelogical Museum of the Phlegrean Fields in Baia- the archaeolgical area of Baia- the Serapis and Flavian Amphitheater in Pozzuoli- the excavation sites in Cumae
What's not included
  • Audioguide
Reduced price
  • European citizens under 18 years old: free
  • European citizens 18-25 years old and over 65 years: reduced
  • Journalists on duty: free
  • Icom card holder (International Council of Museum): free
  • Tourist guides on duty: free
  • Art & Culture Minister workers: free
  • Teachers/students of archeology and historical subjects: free
  • Disabled persons and their companion (EU citizens): free
  • Members of volunteer work associations of the Cultural Heritage: free

Via Castello, 39, 80070 Bacoli NA, Italy

What to remember
  • Access to the Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields in Baia is regulated as follows:
    • free entrance (without any ticket) from Tuesday to Friday when the Box Office at the Baia Castle is closed.
    • entrance with the cumulative ticket that allows you to acess the Baia Baths, the Flavian Amphitheater in Pozzuoli and the archaeological park in Cumae.
    • entrance with the cumulative ticket on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, when the box office at the Baia Castle is open until 1 PM.
  • In order to take advantage of the discount/free admission, you must present a valid identity document at the ticket office. Visitors who fail to meet this requirement will not be admitted to the site.
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Archaelogical Museum of the Phlegrean Fields in Baia:
Tuesday to Sunday from 9am-2.30pm (office closes at 1.00pm) Closed on Monday.

Archaeolgical area of Baia: 16/01 - 31/01: 9am-4.20pm; 2/01 - 15/01: 9am-4pm; 1/02 - 15/02: 9am-4.40pm; 16/02 - 29/02: 9am-5pm; 1/03 - 15/03: 9am-5.20pm; 16/03 - 31/03: 9am-5.40pm; 1/04 - 15/04: 9am-6pm; 16/04 - 30/04: 9am-6.20pm; 2/05 - 31/08: 9am-8pm; 1/09 - 15/09: 9am-6.30pm; 1/10 - 15/10: 9am-6pm; 1/10 - 15/10: 9am-6.40pm; 16/10 - 31/10: 9am-4.15pm; 1/11 - 30/11: 9am-4pm; 1/12 - 31/12: 9am-3.45pm. The site is open from 9am until one hour before sunset. Closed on Monday.

Flavian Amphitheater:
Everyday 9am-2pm. Closed on Tuesday (except during the Cultural Heritage Week), on 1 May, 25 December.

Excavation sites in Cumae:1/02 - 15/02: 9am-4.40pm; 16/02 - 29/02: 9am-5pm; 1/03 - 15/03: 9am-5.20pm; 16/03 - 31/03: 9am-5.40pm; 1/04 - 15/04: 9am-6pm; 16/04 - 30/04: 9am-6pm; 2/05 - 31/08: 9am-9pm; 1/09 - 15/09: 9am-6.30pm; 16/09 - 30/09: 9am-6pm; 1/10 - 15/10: 9am-4.40pm; 16/10 - 31/10: 9am-4.15pm; 1/11 - 30/11: 9am-4pm; 1/12 - 31/12: 9am-3.45pm
Closed: 1 January, 1 May, 25 December

The site will be open for free every first Sunday of the month from October to March and on the following dates: March 21st June 21st July 26th August 15th 19 September November 16th December 8th December 26th

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Musement - Convenzione CoopCulture - Rivenditore
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