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City tours

Bogotá City Tour: Discover the History and Culture of Colombia

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  • Follow clues all around Bogotá in search of the sights and the culture while helping improve the social, economical, and political aspects of the community..Visit some of Colombia's famous museums for a fun and educational walk through history..Get a taste for traditional Bogotano dishes and beverages at local establishments.
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This tour takes you on an exciting trip through the historical center of the city where you will get to know the city from its inhabitants and their stories! You will receive a series of clues and tests that will guide you through the tour, as well as familiarize you with the history of Bogotá. With these clues, you will advance towards some of the great attractions of this historic city, like the San Francisco church, Santander Park, Bolivar Square, the Primatial Cathedral, the Palace of Liévano, the Congress of the Republic and the Palace of Justice! If you wish to also see the cultural side of the city, new clues will guide you to the Colonial Art Museum, the emblematic Colon Theater, and even the Military Museum. From museums to food, you can find your way to the Chorro de Quevedo where you can try traditional Colombian beverages like “La chica el masato” or “El guarapo”.Finally, you will find yourself at the restaurant La Puerta Falsa, where you can try tamales with chocolate, a traditional Bogotano dish, and then end your explorations in the historic center of the city. All along the way, there will also be challenges that you can try in order to learn more about the city and its people!Some of these challenges include:-Figuring out the meaning behind the naming of Santander Park by asking people in the park.-Meeting a street vendor and promoting some of their products.-Feeding the pigeons in Bolivar Square while also trying to capture the best photo of the place.-Exchanging a snack for the story of a street dweller.-Giving 10 hugs-Donating a blanket to a street dweller and taking a photo to remember.-Forming the flag of Colombia by painting the hands of 3 people who are from different regions of the country.Learn all about the history and inhabitants of the amazing city of Bogotá with this exciting and adventurous tour! You can have a fantastic sight-seeing adventure or have a more hands-on experience. Visit the museums of your choice, take the opportunity to try some traditional and delicious food and drink from Bogotá, or just take an enjoyable clue-following trip through the city.
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