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Chennai City Tour: Cultural Traditions and a Vibrant Present
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  • Immerse yourself in a restored South Indian village and help maintain a vibrant tradition..Tour 18 different heritage houses and view a contextual exhibition of vernacular architecture..Engage in a variety of traditional arts and crafts and take your creations home.
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Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, DakshinaChitra is a collection of 18 heritage houses rescued from demolition for a contextual exhibition. Visit restored homes inside and out and familiarize yourself with the vernacular architecture and lifestyles of South Indian culture. DakshinaChitra has a unique charm of the bygone years and is rich in evocation of memories of our rich and colorful past. Glimpse into the past while engaging in various hands-on activities of craftsmen, folk dances and more everyday attractions of this center. Visitors will first view an orientation film at the center then walk through a contextual exhibition of 18 houses of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu section. Afterward, engage in hands-on activities. Take your pick from activities like pottery, palm leaf decoration, basket weaving, pot painting, puppet making, and kolam and bring one of your creations back home. End your tour with a visit to the craft shop and bazaar where vendors will offer various crafts highlighting the many distinct and rich Indian cultures. Get an authentic henna tattoo from a mehendi applier or bring back lac bangles or silk thread bangles to show off to your friends.
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