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Cusco Coffee Tour: Uncover Coffee Cultivation from Bean to Brew
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  • Taste the rich flavor of authentic Peruvian coffee while supporting the livelihoods of local inhabitants..Visit a coffee farm and learn about the process behind your morning cup of coffee..Enjoy traditional Peruvian food with your local host family.
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Start your adventure by traveling from Cusco to the small jungle town of Huayopata, where you'll meet your host and learn about local coffee production. Experience the process the bean goes through on its way to becoming coffee, and you will chat with the farmers about the quality and texture of good coffee. You will help these cultivators support their families by joining in their effort to make organic coffee as flavorful as ever! Day 17:45 AM: Start your adventure by traveling from your hotel in Cusco to the small jungle town of Huayopata. The journey will take around 4 hours. Along the way, you will travel through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including the Abra Malaga high mountain pass that lies at nearly 14,200 ft above sea level. You will certainly enjoy this beautiful landscape!12 PM: Arrive at the farm in Huayopata, where you'll receive a warm welcome from your local host family.1 PM: Eat lunch with your host family. Vegetarian and vegan meals can be prepared on request.2:30 PM: Begin your tour of the coffee or cocoa farm. Let the farmers teach you about local coffee production and their daily work. Follow the process from coffee bean to brew, and find out from the farmers what qualities make for the best cup of coffee. You will also have the chance to taste local fruits and see tropical plants, trees, and more. Then, participate in the traditional preparation of a coffee or chocolate drink yourself before enjoying it fresh! 6 PM: Enjoy dinner with your host family before spending the night in a private room on the farm.Day 27:30 AM: Breakfast time! Share a traditional breakfast with your host family and visit the coffee farm once more before your departure.Please note: this itinerary may be modified during the rainy season (January - March).
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