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Essaouira Cooking Class: Bake Moroccan Desserts & Pastries
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  • Learn how to bake traditional Moroccan desserts like baklava while supporting the economic empowerment of local Moroccan women..Visit the designated UNESCO World Heritage Site the Medina of Essaouira, an extraordinary fortified fishing village that has been preserved from the 18th century..Learn about traditional Moroccan desserts and cuisine while enjoying magnificent views of the ocean from a rooftop terrace.
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Immerse yourself in Moroccan cooking culture and support the local community at the same time! After an introduction to Association Feminine El Khir and its work, take a short walk through the Medina of Essaouira, a fortified 18th-century fishing village and UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the organization's second location, where a beautiful rooftop terrace and kitchen await you. There, you'll begin your Moroccan baking class while enjoying sweeping views of the ocean. In this baking class, you will learn to cook some of the most famous and traditional Moroccan desserts. Discover the secret to making the perfect baklava and learn how to bake the perfect Moroccan gazelle horn, a delicious crescent-shaped pastry filled with almond paste and baked until nearly golden. The cooking class will last 3 hours and end with a tasting of your own homemade desserts!
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