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Tickets for the Medici Chapels Museum
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  • Admire the treasures of the Medici Chapels Museum
  • Visit the Chapel of the Princes and the Lorenese Crypt
  • See the treasure of San Lorenzo’s Basilica
  • Access to temporary exhibitions
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The museum of the Medici Chapels is found in the Basilica di San Lorenzo, one of Florence’s biggest and oldest churches. Book your tickets in advance here and ensure your entrance to the Chapels without wasting time at the ticket office. You can skip the line and start your exploration of the Medici tombs and chapels as soon as you arrive. This ticket will give you access to the Sagrestia Nuova (New Sacristy from the 16th century), the Chapel of the Princes, the Lorenese Crypt, and a section of the Treasure of San Lorenzo’s Basilica. With this ticket you can also see temporary exhibitions.

Medici Chapels

The Medici family was one of the most powerful families in the city’s history. The Basilica di San Lorenzo was built thanks to their support and the financial responsibility they took over the construction. The Sagrestia Nuova was designed by Michelangelo in the 16th century and was to be a mausoleum to members of the Medici family. The famous artist also designed many of the tombs that are found in the New Sacristy. More than 50 members of the Medici family have tombs in the New Sacristy and in the Chapel of Princes. Surmounted by a great dome, the Chapel of Princes was a true expression of court art, being the result of the collaboration of artists and lords alike.

The Treasure of San Lorenzo’s Basilica and the Cripta Lorenese

Until recently the Treasure of San Lorenzo was carefully preserved behind closed doors but now the underground floors of the Medici chapels have been carefully prepared to have parts of the Basilica’s treasure on display. Special focus is given to some works of art that were recently restored – like the Christ by Michelozzo, a silver statue completed in the year 1444 or the Bust of Saint Peter in wood and painted gold, that dates back to 1552.
The Cripta Lorenese is the crypt of the Lorena family that succeeded the Medici family in the city’s administrative role. They also had their family mausoleum built in the Basilica di San Lorenzo and it found in between the tomb of father Cosimo Patrie and the Medici Sepulcher.

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Cosa è incluso
  • Sagrestia Nuova
  • Chapel of the Princes
  • Lorenese Crypt
  • A section of the Treasure of San Lorenzo’s Basilica
  • Temporary exhibitions
Tariffa ridotta
  • Citizens aged 18 to 25 years old, from the European Union or from non-EU states subject to reciprocity

Free admission (visitors must pay a pre-ordered ticket in order to skip the lines):

  • Children under 18 (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Guides and interpreters from European Union states
  • ICOM, ICOMOS and ICCROM members
  • European Union school groups and their teachers, within the established quotas
  • Teachers and students from the following schools: Fine Arts Academies or corresponding institutions in the European Union; Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Education Studies faculties; degree programs on literary subjects with an Archeology or Art History focus; Art faculties and corresponding courses in EU member states
  • Teachers with permanent and temporary contracts at Italian state and private schools (showing at the ticket office appropriate documentation issued by the MIUR or a self-certification with identity document)
  • Disabled people and escorts
  • Journalists

Piazza di Madonna degli Aldobrandini, 6 - 50123 Firenze

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Cappelle Medicee

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  • The timeslot you choose in the calendar is mandatory for the entrance
  • This is an official ticket that will bring you to the priority access entrance
  • On the occasion of International Women's Day, entry to state museums, archeological sites and monuments is free for women on 8 March
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  • Every day from 8.15am to 1.50pm (the ticket office closes at 1.00pm)
  • Closed on the 2nd and 4th Sunday and 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday of each month, New Year’s Day, May 1st and Christmas Day
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