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Tour and tasting of San Daniele Prosciutto in Friuli

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Disponibilités: Daily
Durée: 2 hours
Langue(s): English, Italian
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Points forts
  • Get a taste of the highest quality San Daniele Prosciutto
  • Discover the cuisine of Friuli
Ce qui vous attend

The Story

The Alberti family has a long entrepreneurial tradition that begins around 1700 with farming practices, grain grinding, fabric making and selling. In 1906, Alberti Osvaldo, realizing that the business exchanges at San Daniele del Friuli were very well organized, moved his activity there, growing his business to offer also transportation of food products in horse drawn wagons in addition to his own products. Then, in the 1930's and 40's, the local business narrowed to focus on ham products, and the market became known as the Mercato di San Daniele. In the 60's, the Alberti family cellars were expanded to increase the aging capacity of the meat. In 1963, the business became registered under the brand "La Casa del Prosciutto." After the earthquake in the 70's, the "Casa" reopened immediately thanks to the innitiative of Caterina Castellani. The following years are characterized by a continual increase of property until the eventual creation of the foundation on which to build an entire production plant organized and recognized by local regulation.

The Business

"La Casa del Prosciutto" is the only business that is located in the historic city center of San Daniele, almost at the top of the hill, maintaining the ancient roots of the production of San Daniele Prosciutto. In addition to producing its products, the business has also maintained the direct selling of its goods and its local restaurant where you can taste the prosciutto. The key to their quality is in the family run nature of the business, all the way from the times of Mamma Caterina, who received the gold prize from the local government for managing to successfully reconstruct and reopen her business after the earthquake. Today, the "Casa," is cared for with the help of the whole family.

The Offer

San Daniele Prosciutto is produced here respecting the official and historial laws of production, maintaining the ancient methods, almost all by hand. The aging process remains completely natural to this day. The visitors who browse the local products will notice immediately how much work and how mcuh time has been dedicated to making a product such as San Daniele Prosciutto. The specific offer for each visitor is comprised of a tasting of San Daniele Prosciutto, local cheeses, sides and accompanying Friulian wines.

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  • Guided visit of the production plant (weekends and bank holidays)
  • Tasting of San Daniele Prosciutto DOP
  • Accopaniment of Friulian wines and cheeses
Non inclus
  • Transportation (available upon request)



Tour and tasting on Saturday and Sunday:

  • 11.30
  • 12.00
  • 12.30
  • 18.30
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