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Palazzo della Signoria, better known as Palazzo Vecchio, has been the symbol of the civic power of Florence for over seven centuries. Built between th...

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Acquista i biglietti integrati per la Galleria degli Uffizi e Palazzo Vecchio, passando per il Corridoio Vasariano, riaperto. 1 solo biglietto per 2 famosi musei!

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Book your Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria guided tour in Florence. Discover the sumptuous palace of the Medici family!

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Book your Palazzo Vecchio secret passages guided tour with lunch in Florence. Explore the Medicean Palace from a different and intriguing prospect!

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Book the Path of the Prince tour in Florence: visit the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery passing through the just re-opened Vasari Corridor!

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Book the tour in the footsteps of Inferno by Dan Brown through the secret passages of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence with lunch. Enjoy the museum exclusive opening!

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Skip the general access lines and walk straight into the Uffizi with your small group of 15. Enter Palazzo Vecchio and listen to the tumultuous history of Florence.

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Buy Florence walking tour with Palazzo Vecchio guided visit. An introductory tour ideal for art and history lovers with skip-the-line access to the Old Palace.

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Palazzo della Signoria, better known as Palazzo Vecchio, has been the symbol of the civic power of Florence for over seven centuries. Built between the end of the thirteenth century and the beginning of the fourteenth to house the city’s supreme governing body, the Priori delle Arti and the Gonfalonier of Justice, over time it has been subject to a series of extensions and transformations.

After the entrance leads directly into the Cortile of Michelozzo, the courtyard adorned with stuccoes and frescoes. Upstairs is placed the Salone dei Cinquecento, where a majestic cycle of pictures celebrates the apotheosis of Cosimo de’ Medici and the city of Florence and a rich array of statues accompany Michelangelo’s celebrated Victory.

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Palazzo Vecchio Piazza della Signoria, Firenze Florence
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