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Paris Food Tour: Enjoy French Regional Cuisine

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  • Explore regional French cuisine and local neighborhoods in Paris while providing support to local underserved youth..Sample gourmet goodies from across France sourced from producers who value quality over quantity..Eat like a true Parisian, tasting your way through French tradition!
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Experience France through its diverse regions and local specialties as you embark on a culinary tour of France. A partner from Paris Par Rues Méconnues spends all summer meeting with chefs, farmers, and home cooks who proudly preserve tradition and insist on quality rather than quantity. This expert brings the products she has discovered back to Paris to share with you!The experience will start with a tour of the neighborhood and a chance to learn more about the people who live there. Then, meet a passionate local shopkeeper who will teach you about and let you taste delicious traditional French foods. Whether it be a bakery to discover the secrets of the famous French baguette or a chocolate shop to taste different artisanal chocolates, prepare to be dazzled as you eat like a true Parisian!
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