On this fascinating cultural tour you'll experience and learn all about the traditional Japanese performing art of Kabuki. Deeply rooted in ...

2 hours
Available in: English
Guided Tour
£ 88

Popular experiences in Tokyo

Attractions & monuments

Going on a trip to Tokyo without going to Senso-Ji Temple, would be a bit like visiting Paris withou...

£ 31
Day trips & excursions

Just as Asakusa’s history started by the Sumida river, so do our tours. Step back and forth in time ...

£ 85
Day trips & excursions

This private tour will take you to the 5th Station of the iconic Mount Fuji, the highest point reach...

£ 309
Walking tours

Take a ride on Tokyo’s last operating tram to discover Old Tokyo’s Showa-era atmosphere and the forg...

£ 88
Unusual tours

This tour is perfect for the girls and will take you through the center of Japanese 'kawaii' (cute) ...

£ 124
Walking tours

This tour of the traditional side of Tokyo will take you to the old neighborhood of Tokyo, or 'shita...

£ 88
Walking tours

Start off at Ningyocho, a district known for its old traditions and, as you’ll discover right away, ...

£ 46
Walking tours

This walking tour will take you on a journey through the world of Sumo, the wrestling competition th...

£ 212
Panoramic tours

Enjoy private round trip transportation and relax in one of Japan's hot springs while enjoying the s...

£ 311
Night tours

On this night tour, you'll witness Tokyo's transformation from sunset and into the night! Day time a...

£ 150
City tours

Immerse yourself in the animated district of Tokyo on a tour that will take you through the district...

£ 44
Unusual tours

You'll see famous street art in the colorful area of Harajuku and discover some of the hidden locati...

£ 88
Walking tours

Join your guide on a walking and street food adventure in West Tokyo.Dive headfirst into the eclecti...

£ 32
Bike Tours

Jump on board a salvaged 'mamachari' bicycle and join your guide on a cycling, walking and food adve...

£ 46
Dining experiences

During this private dining experience, you'll taste various 'Washoku' dishes, the traditional Japane...

£ 265
Unusual tours

What’s a visit to Japan without wearing the traditional kimono dress? You'll have it all covered wit...

£ 53
Walking tours

Step back and forth in time as you navigate the lively streets of Sensoji Temple. Participate in cen...

£ 1765
Walking tours

While bus tours are very handy in terms of efficiently covering a large area in a short time, this t...

£ 56
Family activities

On this day tour perfect for families you'll visit pandas at the zoo, take a rickshaw ride and see a...

£ 247
History & heritage tours

On this exciting tour both history and culture are combined as you follow in the footprints of legen...

£ 88
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