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Food & winery tours
Tasting of Arneis and Barolo wines at Cascina Chicco in Roero
Disponibilités: Every day
Durée: Flexible
Langue(s): English, Italian
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  • A landmark winery for the regions of Roero and Langa
  • Have a tasting of Barbera, Barolo, Arneis wines and more
  • Discover this winery with indigenous top-quality vineyards
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“Cascina Chicco is a member of The Grand Wine Tour Association: a quality brand that certifies hospitality excellence in the best wineries. The Grand Wine Tour is also a magazine online.”

The story of the winery begins in 1950, when the grandfather of Enrico and Marco (the current owners) bought this farmstead and the first hectare of land at Canale, within the region of Roero. Its desire to remain rooted to the land and tradition, yet at the same time to move forward with new objectives, has made Cascina Chicco, with its 45 hectares of vineyards and over 400,000 bottles produced per year, one of the principal landmark wineries of Roero and Langa. The vineyards are comprised of only indigenous grapevines - a decisive choice in the wine industry that gives the brand a unique style.


The visit to the winery is overwhelming not only because of the scale but also the complexity of the location. The new winery is actually built into a hill just below the old farmhouse: the underground level, respecting the landscape, extends for over 1800 meters squared, and the deepest point, near the center of the hill, reaches 28 meters under the vineyards above. Further making for a unique place, there is a small votive chapel along with the "wheel room" - a large room in the form of a dodecagon with a 12-arched dome above and the wheel of Roero, a symbol of the men who ruled this land in the high middle ages, illustrated on the floor.

The guided tour is filled with passionate stories about the winery's history, philosophy and production, and your guide is always available to answer questions and respond to any curiosities you may have.

Afterwards, you will continue with a tasting that takes place in one of the winery's new tasting rooms. The first room is near the entrance with a white marble counter from the family's old meat shop where you can admire the historic family inherited Berkel meat cutting machines. This space is perfect for casual and informal tastings while standing up - especially suited to couples and small groups.

The second room in more open and spacious, more elegant and luminous. This room can also host large groups and is adapted for in-depth tastings thanks to its multimedia audio and video system.

The wine production is expansive yet articulated and includes two classic sparkling wines, two indigenous whites, two versions of Barbera, plus four Nebbiolo wines from Roero as well as Barolo, Barolo Riserva and an Arneis Passito from Langa.

Surely the most interesting aspect is the diversity of the Nebbiolo grape variety in which you can detect a variety of characteristics. The wines are produced in two regions, Roero and Langhe, divided by the Tanaro river, thus representing two different lands that give different features to the wine.


  • Tasting of 3 wines
    ROERO ARNEIS Anterisio 2016
    BARBERA D’ALBA Granera Alta 2015 D.O.C.
    BAROLO Rocche di Castelletto 2013
  • Tasting of 3 wines
    ROERO ARNEIS Anterisio 2016
    BAROLO Rocche di Castelletto 2013
  • Tasting of 5 wines
    ROERO ARNEIS Anterisio 2016
    BARBERA D’ALBA Granera Alta 2015 D.O.C.
    BAROLO Rocche di Castelletto 2013
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  • Guided visit of the Cascina Chicco winery
  • Wine tasting including Arneis, Barolo and Barbera
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Via Valentino, 14, 12043 Canale CN, Italy

Lieu de rendez-vous:

Via Valentino, 14, Canale, CN, Italia


10.00am and 3.00pm every day

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