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Tandem paragliding flight on Lake Garda

Disponibilidad: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Duración: 1 hour
Idiomas: English, Italian
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  • Feel the excitement of flying over a breathtaking landscape
  • Take wonderful panoramic photos of the lake from above
  • Relax, knowing that you are in the hands of an expert instructor
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A two person (tandem) paragliding flight is an exciting yet also overwhelmingly peaceful experience. Your paraglider will be flown by an expert professional instructor and, sitting with your guide, you will have the chance to try out flying in complete confidence! You will fly over the magnificent Lake Garda, departing from Pizzoccolo mountain over Salò.

You can even fly in the "company" of your friends - if you are two or more people, your group can take off simultaneously, each accompanied by an expert guide, and enjoy the ride together. Your pilots can even guide you past one another for a quick greeting and then to gain altitude and to soar like a bird!

Your paragliding experience usually lasts around one hour to one hour and a half. This time includes the briefing session, the time to travel to your departure point, a quick explanation from your guide before take-off and your flight, which will last approximately 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

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  • Safety and instructional briefing
  • All required equipment
  • (about) 20 minutes of tandem flying time with instructor


Lugar de encuentro:

Present the vocher to the instructor of the Brixia Flying paragliding school that you will find at the agreed meeting point.

  • Once you book the activity, we kindly ask you to contact the paragliding school at +39 335 5218656 or write to to agree on the exact meeting point
  • This activity will take place only if certain weather conditions are met (to be determined by your instructor)
  • The minimum weight to take flight is 30 kg and the maximum is 120 kg
  • It is pivotal that participants are in good health and have no heart problems
  • It is recommneded that you bring a windbreaker, shoes that cover your ankles, gloves and sunglasses
  • All of the technical gear needed for flight will be provided for you upon arrival
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  • Available all year round on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • Usually, flights take place from 10.00am to 5.00pm with possible changes from summer to winter
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Brixia Fliyng
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