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The Palazzo Bargello in Florence is home to the National Museum of Bargello. It is an old and significant building that was first built in 1255 by arc...

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The Bargello Museum, found in the city of Florence, is part of the group of museums belonging to the Polo Museale Fiorentino and is an art m...

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Eroi giovani e valorosi, donzelle indifese, mostri temibili da sconfiggere: sono questi i protagonisti delle storie sapientemente illustrate...

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The inside story

The Palazzo Bargello in Florence is home to the National Museum of Bargello. It is an old and significant building that was first built in 1255 by architect Lapo Tedesco and expanded in the late 13th century. It was a politically important building, being the seat of the city’s mayor following the establishment of Florence as a free county and later in the 16th century it became headquarters of the city guard, and consequentially also a prison and so it remained for nearly 300 years.

The Museum today is a greatly appreciated museum of sculptures and ‘applied’ arts, with a great collection of historical objects of everyday use made out of bronze, wax, ivory and a vast selection of other material.

In 1865 the Palazzo Bargello started to be used as a museum when great pieces from the Renaissance were moved there, including masterpieces by Donatello, Luca della Robbia, Verrocchio, Michelangelo and Cellini.

The museum is divided into different halls, each focusing on a different theme. The Hall of Medieval Scupltures is also known as the ‘Hall of the 1300’s’ focuses on the period before the renaissance, while the Michelangelo Hall focuses on art from the 1500’s. There is a room dedicated to the works of art made out of ivory and the collection was enriched in 1988 when a donation of objects of wood, leather and bone found their home here. Other special features of the National Museum of Bargello include the Chapel, the Carrand Collection, the Islamic Collection, the Donatello Hall with art from the 1400’s and many more.

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How to get there

Bargello National Museum Via del Proconsolo, 4 50122 Firenze Florence
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