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December 29th, 1514: riot against Count Tramontano in Matera
Verfügbarkeit: April-May: Wed, Sat | Jun-October: Wed, Fri
Dauer: 3 hours
Sprachen: Italian
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  • Discover the history and art of Matera with an expert guide
  • Take part in the historical re-enactment of the riot under the Castle Tower
  • Follow the directions on the map and reach a secret place
  • Go out of the Square in front of the Cathedral Church (a guided visit) to ambush the Count

PASSIONS History, Culture, Art, Legends of the territory, Living History

WE WARMLY WELCOME Tourists who wish to immerse themselves, as protagonists, in a historical representation in the splendid scene of Matera, who are going to deepen their knowledge on the art, culture and local traditions of this wonderful city, elected “European capital of culture 2019”.

THE STORY The people of Matera are tired of the tyranny of the Matera Count Giancarlo Tramontano. Today is the 29 Decembre 1514 and we all are called to come in front of the Castle of Matera. Brunetta, a courageous daughter of the gunsmith of Matera, has gathered the most intrepid citizens of Matera to promote a riot to overthrow and oust the evil and hated Count.

Also, you, come immediately as time is our enemy! And bring arms and sticks to make legendary this moment, so important for our city of Matera.

Rosanna, in the shoes of the legendary Brunetta, will help you relive this dramatic moment, which really happened in theMedieval lands of Matera. You will find out the reasons for which the Castle of Tramontano had remained incomplete, will relive the feelings which moved the population to hunt the tyrant who had tired the people of Matera and feelings which bothered the people with the Count’s manias of power and conquest; you will enjoy a guided visit along the streets of the Duomo of Matera.

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  • Artès animator who will be animating you along the entire course of the story
  • A licensed tour guide for the city visit
  • Historical reference to the historical reenactment
  • Beverage and coffee at the venue bar Bar del Boschetto
  • Tarallucci and Wine to conclude
  • Awarding of certificates to celebrate the end of the rebellion
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  • Everything that is not clearly included
  • Infant (0 -2): free

Parco Giovanni Paolo II

Via Lucana

75100 Matera MT


Bar del Boschetto, in the Parco Giovanni Paolo II, in front of Parco del Castello MATERA - (BASILICATA)

Wichtige Informationen
  • Children under 12 are welcomed only if accompanied by an adult.
  • Wear comfortable shoes to move easily on the streets of Matera.
  • A maximum of 10 people per session are admitted.
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From 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

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