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The construction of Bunker 42 began in 1950 by the orders of Joseph Stalin, following the appearance of the new weapon of mass destruction - the atomi...

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Private tour

The "Bunker 42" was constructed in 1955 as the command post of Strategic nuclear forces of Soviet Union. You'll be guided to the bunker's ex...

1 hour 15 minutes
Available in: English

Travel than 60 meters under the streets of Moscow is the Taganka Bunker, also called Bunker 42, a historic military communications post and ...

1 hour 10 minutes
Available in: English

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The inside story

The construction of Bunker 42 began in 1950 by the orders of Joseph Stalin, following the appearance of the new weapon of mass destruction - the atomic bomb. The buried fortification was created 65 meters underground in the middle of Moscow and was assumed to be a hiding place for top officials of the Soviet Union to continue working in the event of a nuclear attack. Code-named “Object 02,” the bunkers location in Tagansky Hill area was chosen because it was in the vicinity to the Kremlin.

The builders faced a difficult task, how to build a huge underground structure in the middle of Moscow without damaging the city and most importantly how to keep it’s construction a secret.In 1952, the construction of the main structures of the bunker was completed. By the summer of 1953, life support systems were installed. From here the soil was lifted through four construction mines that were previously used in the construction of the subway. Finally in 1955 the communication stations were added to the Bunker ensuring the transfer of classified communications. For three decades this command center carried out strategic bombing exercises until the creation of new high-precision weapons.

Today you can descend the 65 meters into the preserved and functioning museum to relive the time when the world was on the brink of nuclear war. Here you will find the Cold War Museum, equipped conference rooms, banquet rooms and exclusive venues for interactive games.The location frequently hosts presentations, exhibitions, corporate events, filming and even concerts.

Additional info:

  • Enter the museum near the 3-storey yellow mansion. Look for the green gate with a red star
  • Tours and individual excursions are allowed daily from 10.00am to 10.00pm (with the last entrance at 9.00pm)
  • Children under the age of 14 entering the Bunker must be accompanied by an adult
  • Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to enter the Bunker due to safety restrictions
  • Please not the descent and ascent to the museum is done by stairs
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How to get there

Bunker 42 115172, Moscow, 5th Kotelnichesky Lane, 11 Moscow
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