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Archaeological tours
Nazca Lines fly over Tour
Beschikbaarheid: Every day
Duur: an hour
Taal: English, Spanish
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  • Fly over the arid Nazca Desert to see the legendary Nazca Lines
  • Admire the geoglyphs of stylized animals and mythical creatures
  • Get aerial views of one of the driest places on earth
  • Try to solve the mystery of the Nazca culture
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See the mysterious Nazca Lines of the Nazca Desert in southern Peru on a 30-minute fly over, and get privileged views of the stylized figures of spiders, monkeys, fish, and hummingbirds scrathed on the surface of the arid plateau some time between 500 BC and 500 AD.

According to legend, the lines can only be seen from the air, and your flight will take you over the high plateau of the desert where the figures were etched into the reddish earth when the ancient Nazca culture flourished.

Due to the sheer quantity and continuity of the geoglyphs, the Nazca Lines are considered among the most important finds of the 20th century. You will see living creatures, including stylized plants and imaginary beings, as well as geometric figures that are several kilometers long.

Believed to have had ritual astronomical functions, there are a number of theories behind the lines and their construction. Although you won’t solve their mystery, you will get to appreciate them from the sky, along with views of one of the driest places on earth.

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  • Round-trip transfers from the bus station or hotel to the airfield
  • Air ticket
  • Airport tax

Quispe 331, Nasca, Peru


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  • Everyday
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