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Walking tours
Saint Petersburg treasures with Peter and Paul Fortress
Disponibilités: Various days
Durée: 3 hours
Langue(s): English, Italian, Spanish
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Points forts
  • See the sites of Saint Petersburg
  • Learn about the Tsars
  • Explore St. Isaac's Square
  • Expert local guide
Ce qui vous attend

During this tour you will see real treasures of Saint Petersburg.

Learn about the past, present and future of Saint Petersburg as well as the significant events that occurred during the reign of the Russian Tsars. You will see the squares connected with the history of revolutions, which strongly shaped country's future. True treasures await you behind palaces, architectural ensembles, churches and monuments, all of which recount the great city and country's story.

Your tour begins at Palace Square, the Square of Three Revolutions, where you can appreciate the unique architectural ensemble of the Hermitage and Alexander Column, a landmark dedicated to the Russian victory in the war against Napoleon. Today, the General Staff Building houses a collection of work by Impressionist artists.

Enjoy a panorama of the Neva River – one of the four most full-flowing rivers in Europe, which is spanned by the magnificent bridges built during the times of navigation. The most famous among them – also one of the city's gems – is Palace Bridge.

See Kunstkammer, the city's first public museum, site of the former city port and Rostral columns, which served as lighthouses, as well as the Stock Exchange. Next, visit the Admiralty a ship building yard; the Bronze Horseman dedicated to Peter the Great and the majestic St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the third highest in the world, topped with a cupola gilded in 100 kg of gold with another 300 kg used for interior decoration.

You will appreciate one of the city's most harmonious areas: St. Isaac's Square, home to many landmarks such as Mariinsky Palace, the building of Senate and Sinod, a monument to Nicholas I. Then, get on the subway to visit the Peter and Paul Fortress. Saint Petersburg's subway is one of the world's most beautiful and deepest, with impressive marble and mosaics decor.

The tour ends at Peter and Paul Fortress, a unique historical place built as a military fortress that eventually became a prison for political prisoners. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral the tallest building in the city the burial place of the Romanov dynasty dating all the way back to Peter I, who founded the city. Go on a treasure hunt!

Sites visited include:

  • The Admiralty
  • The Palace Square
  • Winter Palace
  • Alexander Column
  • General Staff Building
  • The river Neva
  • Panorama of Vasilievsky Island (Rostral Column, Kunstkamera, Building of University, Academy of Sciences)
  • Monument to Peter the carpenter
  • Bronze Horseman
  • The Senate Square (Decembrists Square)
  • Saint Isaac Square
  • Go inside Saint Isaac’s Cathedral
  • Monument of Nicholas I
  • Mariinsky Palace
  • Blue Bridge (the widest bridge of Spb)
  • Building of Senate and Synod
  • Famous hotel Astoria
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Peter and Paul Cathedral (Inside)
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  • Guided tour
  • Fast track tickets for attractions
Lieu de rendez-vous:
  • Meet in Palace Square, in front of Alexander Column
Bon à savoir
  • All guides are local citizens who have received top-notch training and fluent in English, Italian, Spanish
  • Minimum purchase is 2 tickets
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  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2.00pm.
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