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Bioparc Valencia tickets
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Disponibilités: Daily
Durée: a day
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  • Explore this unique and immersive zoo experience
  • See how these incredible wild animals are fully integrated into their environment
  • Discover the perfect balance between all elements of the wildlife
Ce qui vous attend

Bioparc Valencia is a unique zoo. Its design employs the 'zooimmersion' concept, in which visitors are surrounded by meticulous recreations of the natural habitats being presented. Social animals that live together in groups are displayed, as well as groups of different species that coexist in the same habitats. Predatory species are integrated into the visual space, but are separated from other species by barriers invisible to the eye of the visitor, ensuring the safety of both the animals and the people. The animals, vegetation and landscape provide opportunities for discovering the complexity of natural ecosystems.

Visitors may begin their voyage through the African realm of Bioparc Valencia by travelling deep into the savannah, among herds of antelope, giraffe and rhinoceros, while lions overlook the great plain from rocky heights. Vast wonders of life underground in burrows of aardvarks, hyenas and warthogs as well as in nests of naked mole-rats and around termite mounds can be explored. Visitors venture into the dense equatorial forest in search of gorillas, surrounded by red forest buffalos and leopards. Following the elephant’s path leads adventurers to a huge cave dug by these pachyderms. Further up the trail is an opportunity to visually submerge in water among hippopotamus, crocodiles and thousands of colourful fish.

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  • Ticket entrance to Bioparc Valencia
Tarif réduit
  • Children 0-3 years: free
  • Youth 4-12 years: reduced
  • Senior (65+): reduced

Av. Pío Baroja, 46035 València, Valencia, Spain

Lieu de rendez-vous:

The box office is located in the entrance plaza to Bioparc. There are lockers enabled for direct ticket reservations and ticket offices. Please check the information panels located on each of them for quick access to the park by customers

Bon à savoir
  • After removing the entries, you can not change the date of visit, or make any modification or refund
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  • Daily
  • The box office will be open from 10.00am. until half an hour before the close of the park. Access: up to an hour before the close of Bioparc
  • Closing times Bioparc are conditioned to hours of sun every moment of the year
  • Due to weather incidents or absence of light, some animals may not be present on their premises in the last moments of opening
  • Download the PDF to check the park schedule
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