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Drommedaris (Enkhuizen) tickets & tours

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Self guided tour with interactive city game of Enkhuizen

Self guided tour with interactive city game of Enkhuizen

Explore Enkhuizen in a unique and affordable way. A self-guided city trail will guide you to the best spots in the city while playing fun riddles and assignments on your smartphone.

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Top attractions in Enkhuizen

The inside story

Originally intended as a city gate and defense tower when built in 1540, the Drommedaris' use has drastically changed from the past. Nowadays, the Drommedaris serves as a vibrant cultural centre in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands where concerts, plays, movies, art exhibits, cabarets, and many other types of shows and activities are held.

Affectionately called the Drom, this colossal fortified tower plays an integral role in local culture and is easily one of the most recognizable buildings along Enkhuizen’s harbour. Inside the tower’s thick defensive walls lies a well-known 44-bell carillon.

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How to get there

Drommedaris (Enkhuizen) Paktuinen 1, 1601 GD Enkhuizen, Netherlands Enkhuizen