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The Zuiderzee Museum
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The Zuiderzee Museum tours and tickets

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Self guided tour with interactive city game of Enkhuizen

Self guided tour with interactive city game of Enkhuizen

Explore Enkhuizen in a unique and affordable way. A self-guided city trail will guide you to the best spots in the city while playing fun riddles and assignments on your smartphone.

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The inside story

The Zuiderzee Museum is an open-air museum, located in the charming center of Enkhuizen. With its authentic houses, workshops, temporary exhibitions and an indoor museum it gives a glimpse into the life around Zuiderzee between 1880 and 1930. Discover the history of this unique region and see how people lived in the Zuiderzee area before the completion of the IJsselmeer Dam.

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How to get there

The Zuiderzee Museum Wierdijk 12 - 22, 1601 LA Enkhuizen, Netherlands Enkhuizen