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Forever Florida - Thrill pack

Forever Florida - Thrill pack
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Duration: 3 hours
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  • Immerse yourself in Florida natural environment for a thrilling experience
  • Enjoy the longest zipline in Florida immersed in the nature
  • Challenge yourself with a freefall to the ground for an exciting leap
  • Feel like you are on a rollercoaster with this amazing thrill pack


The Rattlesnake

This is next generation ziplining, the first of its kind in the USA. It will take you screaming through the trees, swinging, swooping, jumping and dipping through 1000 feet of thrilling adventure. Launching from a 65 foot high platform, you won’t know what’s coming next as you fly at speeds up to 20 mph through the treetops on a nature inspired roller coaster-style zipline.

Peregrine Plunge

Brace yourself for the longest single straightaway zipline in Florida. From a height of 71 feet, you’ll soar at 30 miles per hour down 1300 feet of extreme zipline! You’ll feel just like a peregrine falcon as you lift from your perch and dart out through the pine flatwoods and over the prairie toward your distant prey. It’s an amazing flight that will have you screaming from the start and leave you in awe of the breathtaking
views of the conservation lands.

Panther Pounce

The Florida Panther is known to leap from heights up to 18 feet but we expect a lot more from our human visitors. Your challenge is clear on this challenge tower. Muster up the courage to step off a 68’ platform into a thrilling but safely controlled freefall to the ground below. It’s a first of its kind adventure in Florida and an extreme one at that! Once you get up the nerve to make the leap, it’s pure thrills from there! C’mon, let’s show those Florida Panthers how it’s done.

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  • Forever florida - Thrill pack


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Ages 8 and up, 55 lbs. to 265 lbs.


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