Mole Antonelliana - National Museum of Cinema

Mole Antonelliana - National Museum of Cinema, лучшие предложения и лучшие экскурсии

The "Mole Antonelliana", the architectural symbol of Turin, was launched by the architect Alessandro Antonelli (from the city of Novara) in 1863. Orig...

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The monumental Mole Antonelliana is the architectural symbol of Turin and home to the famous crystal elevator that takes you to a breath-tak...

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Visit the charming historical center of Turin and walk through its main historical squares. The squares that you will visit of this tour wil...

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The National Museum of Cinema is housed in the Mole Antonelliana, a historic building and iconic symbol of Turin. The tour runs between incr...

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The first floor consists in the Archeology of Cinema, followed by the Temple Hall and the Film Machine. You'll find a floor dedicated to the...

2 days
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The "Mole Antonelliana", the architectural symbol of Turin, was launched by the architect Alessandro Antonelli (from the city of Novara) in 1863. Originally conceived as a synagogue, it was purchased in 1878 by the Municipality of Turin, while it was still under construction, to turn it into a monument for national unity.

With a height of 167.5 meters, the "Mole" is the most impressive building in the city center of Turin and for a long time was even considered the highest stone construction in Europe. Still, during the twentieth century it was repeatedly restored and strengthened by reinforced concrete and steel beams.

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Mole Antonelliana - National Museum of Cinema Via Montebello 20 Turin
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