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“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this ways comes…” - The Scottish PlayGhosts, ghasts, ghouls, monsters, fairies, spirits and more. Scot...

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Discover the land of the brave at your own pace! Freely move through Edinburgh's characteristic alleys, discover both the old and new town, ...

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Have you ever wanted to visit the famous Scottish Highlands? Are you fascinated by the mystical folklore, the wild scenery and the incredibl...

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Visit the famous Loch Ness and travel through the beautiful Highlands of Scotland on this day trip from Edinburgh!Your tour will set off fro...

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“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this ways comes…” - The Scottish Play

Ghosts, ghasts, ghouls, monsters, fairies, spirits and more. Scotland is positively brimming with ancient tales and folklore of supernatural creatures. Are these stories real? Or simply the invention of imaginative minds? You can decide for yourself with various tours and tickets to some of Edinburgh’s most bewitching places. You can explore the dark history of the city at the sinister (and sometimes silly) Edinburgh Dungeon! You’ll learn about terrible killers and creepy prisoners. If you fancy something more whimsical, why not take a day trip out into the Highlands or try to spot the famous Loch Ness monster?

You can always explore the less-visited corners of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland’s most haunted place. Maybe you’ll find something, or someone, waiting in the dark.

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